FAQS: (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is " REMY" Hair?

Remy hair is defined as human hair from a single donor in which cuticles are kept intact and hairs are organized facing the same direction from root to tip. The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair that provides a protection to the hair. Intact cuticles lay flat, allowing for a reflective surface, which provides a shiny appearance. Remy hair is either single drawn, which means hair strands may be different lengths, or double drawn, which means all strands are the same length.


2. What is "VIRGIN Remy" Hair?
Virgin Hair means that the hair is unprocessed and still have its cuticles. The hair has not been treated with perms, dye, bleached, or chemically treated in anyway. This hair is raw and natural in other terms.

3. What is NON-Virgin Remy Hair?

Non-virgin remy hair underwent some sort of chemical processing in order to achieve another color. #1b, #2, #4, etc... As long as the cuticle remains intact, the hair is still considered Remy.

4. Why are there strands of grey hair in my bundles?

The hair is virgin hair, which means that it's unprocessed. The hair donors vary in age, so some may have some grey strands. By no means is the hair mixed from multiple donors.


5. What colors does the hair come in?

The hair is 100% virgin unprocessed hair ,therefore does not come in any colors beside natural black or medium natural brown, but it can be colored to any color of your choice! When hair is colored it is no longer considered virgin.

6. How many bundles will I need for a full install?

This depends on the length, because the hair is weighted. The shorter the hair, the longer the track will be. Which means more hair will come in the bundle. 2.5 -3 bundles are recommend per install. This will add fullness and render a natural look. For longer lengths (18-30 inches) I recommend minimum 3-4 bundles.


7. How is the hair measured?

The hair is measured according to the longest strands of the bundle. If the hair is wavy the length is measured when the hair is straightened.

8. Can the wavy hair be straightened?

This hair can be straightened with the use of a flat iron. Be sure to use a heat protector to prevent heat damage. If you choose curly or wavy hair you may want to go longer by a couple of inches.


9. Can the straight hair hold curls?

It can, but to ensure the longevity of the curls use a lightweight holding spray. (FYI) If you normally wear 12/14/16 in straight you should try 14/16/18 if you want to go curly or wavy.

10. Does this hair shed?

There is very minimal shedding, but a weft sealant can be used to prevent any shedding. Also, Do not brush or comb the hair in a rugged manner because what you may assume to be shedding is just the result of harsh treatment.


11.What is Co-wash? Co-washing: It actually means "conditioner washing," aka cleansing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. This gentler way of cleaning minimizes color damage, since conditioners don't contain harsh hue-stripping sulfates, and adds the right amount of hydration to strands, cutting down on frizz.


12. What types of Shampoos/Conditioner should I use? Why should I deep Condition this hair?

We recommend that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner of your choice. (Some customers recommend Pantene PRO-V relaxed & natural shampoo and conditioner.) Deep conditioning helps the hair last longer. It keeps it well moisturized after numerous washes and installation.


13. Can this hair be reused?

With proper care you can use it until you feel it’s time for a change. Do not over process the hair: relax, perm, or color all in one day because it is REAL HAIR, NO synthetic fibers! Just like your hair the more chemicals you use the more chances you have to destroying it.


14. How do I purchase if I don't have a Paypal account?

It is recommended that all internet users create a PayPal account to ensure security with any online purchase. If you do not have an account with paypal there are still other ways of paying. Go through the site and choose the one that you prefer.



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