STICK IT TO ME™ Lace Glue is the go to glue for industry PROFESSIONALS who want their lace to stay in place.

KNOT GOIN SHED™ Knot Sealer is the best product for preventing premature hair shedding from your lace products.

SWEET RELEASE™ Glue Remover is the effective, yet gentle adhesive residue remover that breaks down any glue residue.


Straight (1 Bundle)
Body Wave (2 Bundles)
Loose Wave (3 Bundles)
Loose Deep Wave (4 Bundles)

VIRGIN: being in an original, unaltered, or unused state.

REMY: human hair from a single donor with cuticles intact facing the same direction from root to tip.

Prices are subject to change due to manufacturing and shipping cost!!!

Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair

Virgin Cambodian Remy Hair

Virgin Indian Remy Hair

Virgin Malaysian Remy Hair

Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair